Why Do We Worship?

What is the purpose of our modern church  worship?

We have all heard that worship in our churches prepares our hearts to hear the gospel (or word of God) preached. If this is true, how does it “prepare” us.

Or, is worship a response to what God has done? If this is true, how would this change the way worship together in our churches.

Can it be both? What role does worship play in our lives?

Join the conversation! We do ask that you comment and contribute to this discussion here in the comment section rather than on social media. Answering with only one word or a short sentence is okay, but if you can provide some rationale as to what you think, it will help others grow through the conversation.


Chris Lamberth is a founding member of Theology in Progress. He and his wife and two daughters live in Springfield, MO. He is passionate about expanding the Kingdom of God through discipleship and desires to see the gospel transform people’s lives. Along with talking way too much, Chris enjoys biohacking his health and fitness, hiking, and reading. Chris has an M.Div. from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary.

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