How to Become a Better Pastor – Matt Van Winkle – Ep 072

You don’t have to be a pastor to want to learn how to become a better pastor. As Christians we are all called to church ministry in some way. So we talked with Matt Van Winkle, host of the Better Pastors Podcast, about his efforts with church planting, theological reflection, and his love of narrative. Find out how Matt struggled to overcome fundamentalism and why doing theology is an important part of following Jesus.

Matt Van Winkle is a husband, father, and church planter in Minneapolis, MN. Matt holds a Bachelor’s degree in Youth Ministry from Southwestern Assemblies of God University and is working on his Masters degree. A lover of all things podcasts, Matt has a vision to help pastors be better.


The Better Pastors Podcast

Through Painted Deserts by Donald Miller

Commentaries: Acts by Stanley Horton; Matthew by Craig Blomberg

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