We Need More Worship-Leader Theologians – Ep 082

This week Josh and Chris talk about worship. What it means. How we do it. Why we do it. Worship is the ultimate expression of theology. The songs we sing influence the way we see God and live out our Christian lives. As such, we need more worship leaders who intentionally write worship songs that accurately represent the gospel and give words to the congregation to respond to what God has done in the world.

All Christians must take care to consider the words we sing and the meaning they portray so that our worship is authentic and meaningful for the occasion. If we are in a public worship service, our songs should reflect the corporate nature of the body of Christ. If we are privately seeking the face of God, our worship will take on other characteristics.


Resources Mentioned:

Worship as the Beginning and Ending of Theology – Jonathan Watson

When Worship Lyrics Miss the Mark – John Piper

Lord I Need You


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